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Do barcode symbols need to be a particular size?

Yes - there are global guidelines on the ideal size for each type of barcode symbol. 

  • The target size for an EAN 13 barcode symbol is 37.29 mm wide and 27.85 mm high.
  • An ITF 14 barcode symbol should be 142.75 mm wide and 32 mm high.

Technical specifications for barcode symbols

For further details on barcode symbol specifications including X-dimensions and quiet zones please see the following pages:

EAN 13 specifications

ITF 14 specifications

Express Guide to BarcodesUseful Guide to Creating a Barcode:

For answers to all the common questions about barcodes - how they are composed, what size and colour they should be and where they should be placed on a product, download a copy of the GS1 Ireland Express Guide to Retail Barcodes - an introductory guide to GS1-standard barcodes for products and outer cases.