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The barcode (r)Evolution

At GS1 we are committed to partnering with industry to help unlock the capabilities offered by 2D barcodes to deliver more powerful granular data. We are available to provide guidance, training and support for on-pack solutions that allow businesses to adapt and scale to the future global adoption of 2D barcodes.

We have put together this information portal about 2D barcodes to collate all the resources and references you need to evaluate the "intelligent barcodes" opportunity in your business. 

Depending upon your role in the supply chain - manufacturer, supplier, distributor, retailer or solution provider - there are a number of use cases that can be explored to identify the best opportunities and strategies for your organisation. We invite you to read the case studies, watch the videos, complete the online training modules and to download the barcode specifications that we have collated here. Please contact our Industry Engagement Team if you would like to discuss any aspect of implementing intelligent barcodes as part of your business processes or for details of our Working Group. Please feel free to join our mailing list for updates.