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How to get a UPC or EAN to list a product with Amazon, ebay or Google?

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UPC and EAN product barcode numbers for selling on eCommerce retail sites such as Amazon, ebay and Google Shopping

Are you selling on a major retail website or on an ecommerce platform such as Amazon, ebay or Google Shopping? Do you need to provide a barcode number (often referred to as EAN codes, UPC codes or GTINs) to identify your product for the seller?

Join GS1 Ireland today for a company prefix that will enable you to generate globally unique identification numbers for your products that are accepted worldwide.

What does joining GS1 involve?

Joining GS1 Ireland takes a matter of minutes through our online application form. Simply fill in your company and key contact details, select the barcode licence (GCP Prefix) you require and pay for your purchase. A Member of the GS1 Ireland Membership Services team will be notified of your application and will send you your registered Global Company Prefix (GCP) number and GS1 Membership Certificate. Join online now.

See the full Terms and Conditions of GS1 Membership.

How much does a barcode cost?

To get a barcode there is an annual prefix licence fee. Details of Licence Fees can be viewed here.

How do I allocate numbers?

Product barcode numbers are allocated sequentially using your GS1 Company Prefix. Full instructions will be provided when you join. You will be able to use our online tool Barcode Manager to complete your barcode numbers.

Join GS1 Ireland now for barcode numbers to identify your products on major online e-commerce platforms and websites.

If you are unsure of your requirements please feel free to contact a member of our team on +353 1 2080660.