GS1 Source Certification

The certification programme for GS1 Source data aggregators has now started. Two aggregators are already certified: Edicom and Equadis.

All certification  takes place via an easy-to-use, self-service portal at:

What is data aggregator certification?icon - green tick

GS1 has set up to a certification programme to ensure that the GS1 Source framework functions as a trusted channel for brand-owners to share their product information. During the certification process, data aggregators will need to prove adequate technical performance, guarantee they can ensure data integrity and that they have correctly implemented GS1 standards.

  • standards-based: each aggregator must follow GS1 standards
  • interoperability: each data aggregator must be able to share product data with other data aggregators in the framework

For more information, visit the GS1 Source Data Aggregator Starter Kit at at