Standards Based Product Recall System

Rapid Recall Exchange™ is an online service that applies industry expertise and best practices to standardise product recall and withdrawal notifications between retailers/wholesalers and suppliers, making value chains more visible, secure, and sustainable. The service enables prompt and accurate information exchange to protect customers and save trading partners time and money. Rapid Recall Exchange takes advantage of global GS1 Standards to ensure accuracy and enhance speed of recalls.

The Rapid Recall Exchange was commissioned by the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) Associate Member Advisory Board and developed by GS1 US in collaboration with FMI and the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA), as part of their commitment to enhanced food safety, brand protection and consumer confidence. It is also endorsed by the National Grocers Association (NGA).

A growing number of retailers, wholesalers, and suppliers of all sizes and types subscribe to Rapid Recall Exchange, which is available through an annual individual subscription. The annual subscription fee provides receipt of product recall notifications and withdrawals and associated communications and information.

Notification Receiver Benefits

  • Quickly identifies recalled products - U.P.C. barcodes, product images and other information are provided on the recall form
  • Provides the necessary information to remove recalled or withdrawn products, handle them appropriately and initiate financial settlement
  • Accelerates response time - information is received the moment it is available and immediate action can be taken
  • Communicates directly with recall initiator.

Supplier Benefits

  • Easy-to-complete online form to input recall information
  • Database of retailer and wholesaler contacts to target specific recipients
  • Scheduling for delivery date and time
  • Immediate updates of who received and opened the notification
  • Expanded notifications to ensure recipients don't overlook new information
  • Complements and simplifies existing processes
  • Two-way communication between Recall Initiator and Recall Approver
  • Two-way communication between Recall Initiator and Recall Receiver [recipient].

Click on the link below to read two case studies from P&G and Unilever on their use of the GS1 Standards based Rapid Recall Exchange system. To find out more about the programme please contact our Helpdesk on 01 208 0660.