Webinar: What is Food Traceability?


What is Food Traceability and what does it mean for Suppliers, Retailers, and Consumers in Ireland today?

By attending this session you will gain a better understanding of: - what leading international retailers are looking for in terms of traceability and product data - how good traceability processes can deliver you real business benefits - business reality: going above and beyond the basics of legal compliance to deliver for your customers - what Irish shoppers think about food traceability and authenticity - What sort of processes might you need to run a best-in-class traceability and recall system, able to handle an untimely event should one happen? This webinar will be recorded. So, in case you can't make it along to the live session on the day be sure to register your details to receive a link to the video after the event.


On-demand webinar

23/06/2020 10:30 -11:15

Access now: http://d36.co/13jdV