Tackling Food Waste across the Supply Chain

Online Event

If measuring and reducing food waste is one of your sustainability goals for 2020 then join us for of first all-party supply chain seminar.

Addressing food waste and identifying suitable solutions, be they practical and/or technical, is a unique and different challenge for each player across the supply chain - from producer and distributor, to retailer and consumer. But no one player can solve the problem alone; we need joined up thinking and connected solutions. Collaboration across the supply chain, locally and globally will be needed to make real progress. At this kick-off event we'll look at the fundamental challenges for each player, current research on consumer behaviour and explore some of the potential solutions on the market today.

€20 (ex. VAT)

Online Event

02/09/2020 09:30 -15:30

Maria Svejdar: maria.svejdar@gs1ie.org