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The 2020 Supply Chain Vision

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Hundreds of executives from leading retailers, manufacturers, academics, third-party providers and industry organisations in the consumer goods and retail industry have worked together to build a comprehensive vision of the Consumer Goods industry’s future, written by the industry, for the industry.

Report Overview

The 2020 Future Value Chain project identifies the trends that will have the greatest impact on the Consumer Goods industry in the coming 10 years. Twelve global root trends have been identified that address change in society, shopper behaviour, environment and technology. These root trends are:

  1. Increased Urbanization
  2. Aging Population
  3. Increasing Spread of Wealth
  4. Increased Impact of Consumer Technology Adoption
  5. Increase in Consumer Service Demands
  6. Increased Importance of Health and Wellbeing
  7. Growing Consumer Concern about Sustainability
  8. Shifting of Economic Power
  9. Scarcity of Natural Resources
  10. Increase in Regulatory Pressure
  11. Rapid Adoption of Supply Chain Technology Capabilities
  12. Impact of Next-Generation Information Technologies

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