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VisionID, a leading system integrator in Ireland, provides Barcode and Data Capture solutions to today’s “real time” society. Whatever the industry sector, data capture technology can facilitate improved performance and efficiency, delivering a realistic ROI in a very short timeframe.

GS1 Ireland Platinum Partner BadgeTheir solution portfolio encompasses technologies such as Enterprise Mobility, Barcode, RFID and Wireless all enhanced by customised Software Applications and Professional Services which are tailored to optimise the client’s specific business needs and leverage the latest in IOT and Industry 4.0 solutions.

With a team of trained engineers, VisionID provides national service & support to clients across verticals such as Manufacturing, Retail, Healthcare and Transport & Logistics.

RFID in Apparel Webinar (Recording)

Find out about the benefits of RFID Tagging & and other Retail Solutions for Apparel that deliver accurate inventory management and visibility across the supply chain

RFID in Healthcare Webinar (Recording)

Find out about the benefits and applications of RFID technology across the healthcare sector to support patient safety, efficiency and cost savings. This 30 minute presentation explores the key areas currently adopting RFID including the tracking and management of assets, equipment, devices, medicines, supplies, precious samples and patients.

What do VisionID do?

  • VisionID optimise businesses operational efficiency and productivity by connecting client’s physical and digital operations. Giving clients complete visibility of their critical assets and information at all times.
  • They connect client’s business operations (MES, SAP), utilising technologies such as Bluetooth, Barcode, RFID, Wireless, LTE and GPS.
  • Enabling clients to capture data at the source, in real-time, utilising Enterprise Mobility, Barcode printing, reading & scanning, Vision Systems, RFID solutions, all enhanced by their customised Software Applications and Professional Services.
  • Providing clients with the means to analyse this data, giving them complete visibility of their critical assets and information at all times to identify trends, monitor production, track assets and improve processes.
  • This empowers clients to act on issues in real-time, based on intelligent business decisions, increasing operational efficiency and delivering real results.

Press Release:GS1 and VisionID partner to bring next generation solutions to the market for the manufacturing, retail, food, healthcare and apparel sectors.

31 Jan 2017