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Cost effective track and trace solutions for healthcare, retail, logistics and other industries 

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RFiD Discovery is a GS1 Ireland Solution Partner 2023.

As a GS1 Ireland Solution Partner, RFiD Discovery offers competitively priced passive Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags and tailored RFID tracking solutions to help organisations increase operational efficiency, improve safety as well as deliver significant cost savings. 

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RFID labels

Paragon ID is the leading manufacturer of RFID labels in Europe with the ability to produce our own inlays. At our factories in the UK and France we ensure that our RFID labels are manufactured in line with internationally applicable standards.

Our RFiD labels are widely used in the retail, logistics, manufacturing, healthcare and other sectors, enabling organisations to achieve product traceability, improve stock management accuracy and increase productivity, security, brand protection and customer engagement.

RFID tracking solutions – RFiD Discovery

Used by a growing number of hospitals and other organisations across the UK and world-wide, our RFiD Discovery system is the number one choice for active and passive RFID systems across a wide range of sectors. As a RAIN RFID Alliance member, Paragon ID provides fully integrated automation and tracking solutions.

RFID DISCOVERY-a-paragonID-solution

Solutions include asset tracking, inventory management, automated temperature monitoring systems, and specifically for healthcare organisation also baby tagging, wandering patient safety and staff safety.

RFID tracking in Healthcare

RFID Trolley

Tracking mobile medical devices

Tracking mobile medical devices can considerably improve asset visibility and utilisation, save capital expenditure and cut down valuable time spent by staff to locate misplaced equipment. RFiD Discovery is successfully being used by many healthcare organisations and NHS trusts in the UK to track a variety of mobile assets including infusion pumps, syringe drivers, feeding devices, scanners, monitors, wheelchairs, mattresses and beds.

GS1-compliant Asset Labelling with RFID tags and the UK's Scan4Safety initiative


Using GS1 compliant barcodes on medical devices and patient wrist bands supports the NHS Scan4Safety initiative in the UK by making it easy to record which medical equipment has been used on which patients. Integrating RFiD technology into these labels comes at virtually no additional cost in comparison to a simple barcode label but delivers a host of additional benefits for inventory management, efficiency and traceability.

Download the GS1 Compliant Asset Label Info Sheet

White Paper: The role of active and passive RFID as part of an effective medical device management system

This white paper provides a comprehensive overview of the reasons driving and supporting the adoption of RFID technology, as well as explaining how RFID works and can be applied in a healthcare setting. Using 4 case studies it explains in detail the benefits of using RFID for cost reduction and avoidance, improved quality of care, improved risk management and increased efficiency.

Download the Whitepaper

Case Study - Inventory Management with GS1-compliant active and passive RFID tags at CUH Addenbrookes Hospital

Addenbrookes Cambridge

Download the Cambridge University Hospital Case Study

Case Study - transforming equipment management and reducing costs with RFID tracking at East Kent Hospitals

NHS East Kent Univertsity Hospitals

Download the East Kent Case Study

View RFiD Discovery's Directory Listing for contact details.