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ESP joins GS1 Ireland as a Partner.

Enterprise System Partners (ESP) is a leading global consulting and project engineering company – supporting manufacturing IT solutions for the life science industry since 2003.

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ESP is a GS1 Ireland Partner 2021.

ESP offers specialist support and consulting services exclusively for manufacturing and supply chain operations in biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical devices, with core focus on Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and serialisation.

ESP's specialist consultants and engineers have the expertise to support the concept, planning, vendor selection, design and implementation of the entire manufacturing systems landscape from process automation to the enterprise layer (Levels 0-4).

With offices in Cork, Boston, San Francisco, the Research Triangle, Eindhoven and Istanbul enables ESP to support projects with local resources worldwide.

For further information please contact Liam O'Riordan, Serialisation Director and Senior Consultant on +353 21 4614400.  

GS1 - ESP Pharma Serialisation Industry Readiness Survey Report 2017

Our second annual Pharma Serialisation Readiness Survey focused on the upcoming EU FMD deadline, and how prepared the industry was to meet its requirements. Respondents were drawn from across the industry, including Pharma Manufacturers, Virtual Pharma Companies, Contract Manufacturers, 3PLs, and Wholesale Distributor Repackagers.

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Serialisation Webinar: held April 2016 (replay available)

On April 19th at 2pm GS1, in association with ESP, we held a free webinar on serialisation regulation and global market requirements.

You can watch the recording here.

GS1 - ESP Pharma Serialisation Industry Readiness Survey Report 2016

Working in collaboration together, GS1 Ireland and ESP carried out an extensive industry survey to establish the status of the industry in relation to the impending serialisation deadlines. This survey was carried out in conjunction with the previously mentioned joint webinar on global serialisation regulations in May 2016 which can be accessed here.

Key findings of the 2016 Serialisation Survey:

    • The majority of respondents (81%) believe that they will meet their regulatory deadlines.
    • Both the EU and US seem to be following the pattern of adoption of more mature Asian markets.
    • 60% of respondents believe it takes between 6 to 12 months to serialise a line, with 27% believing that it takes under 6 months.

For a full copy of the report, please click here

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