DeRoyal Global Healthcare Solutions

DeRoyalContinuum® by DeRoyal is an automated inventory control and charge capture business solution designed to help you reduce costs, increase revenue, and maximize clinical efficiencies by knowing what you have in inventory, who uses each item, and on whom an item is used.

“Our Continuum platform helps clinicians bridge the gap between the acute care and post-acute care supply chain. It also automates many of the supply chain functions so that clinicians can remain completely focused on their patients, while maintaining a transparency and accountability for every single item used in the clinical setting.”

Brian DeBusk, Chief Executive Officer, DeRoyal

GS1 Ireland Gold Partner BadgePatient Charge Capture Solution with real-time supply chain visibility

To achieve these benefits, Continuum® uses both Ultra-High Radio Frequency Identification (UHF RFID) and a weight-based bin system that integrates with the hospital’s existing IT system and provides a passive work flow for inventory control, point-of-use consumption, and patient charge capture. It passively collects the most detailed and accurate data of any other offering in the industry, providing real-time supply visibility throughout the supply chain all the way to the point of use.

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