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GS1 Compliance for Healthcare Providers

Solutions and product offerings should be based on Global Standards (this is becoming a feature on tenders).  Points for consideration when including a reference to GS1 compliance in tenders are:


Products should be labelled with GS1 compliant barcodes – this means that the barcode you are scanning in stores or in theatre for example, is standardised and can be scanned and decoded by your IT systems. You may need to make some system changes to enable scanning features.


Data – Product master data should be retrieved from the National Product Catalogue. This means that you can assess data from a central repository. (Note the catalogue is not currently populated. This will happen as Suppliers become GS1 compliant.)

Messaging – eProcurement should be based on GS1 XML 3.0 standard messages.  Most procurement in Irish healthcare is paper-based.  By working with GS1 Ireland and solution providers you can move to standardised, automated processes.  Talk to us today to learn more.

Other points for consideration:

Hardware: scanners should be able to read 2D DataMatrix Symbols as this is the preferred data carrier for healthcare.

Software: software should be GS1 compliant i.e. it can process the information in the DataMatrix Symbols.