GS1 Healthcare Reference Book 2014-2015

Towards a safer and more efficient healthcare system with GS1 Standards

12 GS1 standards implementation success stories

Welcome to the sixth edition (2014/2015) of the GS1 Healthcare Reference Book which is a compilation of case studies from industry players who share their experiences on how GS1 standards truly make a difference in healthcare. The case studies demonstrate how deploying GS1 Standards has enabled stakeholders to comply with new regulations, increase supply chain efficiency and ultimately improve patient safety.

Beyond the boundaries of each country or region, all Healthcare stakeholders face the same challenges - to ensure the provision of safer patient care and to increase efficiency. Each GS1 Healthcare Reference Book, produced annually, contains a set of remarkable case studies providing a wealth of knowledge and inspiration, demonstrating how leading Healthcare organisations have leveraged GS1 Standards to achieve patient safety, supply chain efficiency and to realise cost savings.

In this sixth edition ten remarkable companies and organisations describe their successful implementation of GS1 Standards including:

GS1 Healthcare Reference Book 2014-2015 - Case Study and Implementation StoriesThe Medical Device case studies include:

  • Traceability of surgical instruments in Argentina by FAICO - Argentina
  • Coloplast: the key to success in complying with the U.S. FDA Unique Device Identifications rule - Denmark
  • Management of Global Master Data using the Global Data Synchronisation Network by B. Braun - Germany
  • Abbott drives global deployment of GS1 Standards to benefit customers and patients alike - US
  • Cook Medical transforms its vision into greater patient safety with GS1 Standards - US

The Pharmaceutical case studies include:

  • Programa Remediar: bringing essential drugs to patients and optimising the supply chain in Argentina with GS1 Standards - Argentina
  • Patient safety and the challenge of serialisation at UCB - Belgium
  • Modernising the pharmaceutical product supply chain in Hong Kong public hospitals - Hong Kong
  • DDS Pharmacies optimise clinical care and improve elderly patient safety through GS1 Electronic Data Interchange - The Netherlands
  • Kent Pharmaceuticals: a live pharmaceutical serialisation and verification system - UK

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