GS1 Healthcare Reference Book 2015-2016

Healthcare success stories and information about how to implement GS1 Standards

Welcome to the seventh edition (2015/2016) of the GS1 Healthcare Reference Book which is a complilation of case studies where industry players share their experiences on how GS1 Standards truly make a difference in healthcare, all over the world.

Healthcare WaveAs the world's population ages and medical treatments become more advanced, demand for healthcare services has never been greater. With this increased demand comes a dilemma for healthcare providers: how can they continue to provide high quality care for an ever-growing volume of patients receiving increasingly complex treatments, while simultaneously cutting the cost of delivering that care?

GS1 Healthcare believes that creating and using global standards in the delivery of healthcare leads to significant benefits, including cost-efficiencies through more integrated, streamlined systems and reductions in the burden of administrative duties for professionals, providing more time to spend on quality patient care.

Healthcare professionals worldwide are united in one goal: to give patients the best possible care at all times. As patient safety is a vital objective of our work, progress has been made over the last 10 years to develop GS1 standards to better support the healthcare sector and we are now placing a particular emphasis on expanding the implementation of these global standards with healthcare providers. Read the variety of case studies that showcase the multiple benefits of adopting GS1 global standards in processes spanning patient care, traceability, eProcurement, automation, regulatory compliance and many more. The different initiatives show best practices, "what works" and how to start when integrating standards into existing or new processes.

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