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GS1 Ireland Healthcare Brochure

Together, we're making it possible to follow drugs and medical devices from the manufacturer to the patient, improving efficiency, safety and patient care.

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Improving Quality and Regulatory Compliance

In today's changing landscape, healthcare providers across the globe must transform their processes to provide value, quality and safe care. They must also work to eliminate waste and inefficiencies; achieve financial sustainability; and leverage information technologies to improve performance.

Hospitals are using GS1 Standards to ensure the reliability of data and optimise processes to reduce preventable errors, enhance Electronic Health Record management, support outcome-based medicine and comparative effectiveness, and provide transparency for better clinical and supply chain management.

Ensuring Regulatory Compliance

Product serialisation, compliance with the EU Falsified Medicines Directive, FDA and other international drug pedigree requirements and establishing anti-counterfeiting solutions are top of mind for the pharmaceutical industry. The proposed European and US FDA Unique Device Identification (UDI) regulations are at the forefront in the medical device arena as companies need to transform disparate medical identification methods into a standardised UDI system. In both cases, the industry is leveraging GS1 Standards and the support of GS1 experts to prepare for these new requirements and ensure regulatory compliance.

In this short, introductory bochure we explore the what, where and why of GS1 Standards for identification, data capture and data sharing within the context of the Heathcare industry.