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Global Product Classification GPC Browser Guide for Healthcare

What is Global Product Classification (GPC)?

The GS1 Global Product Classification (GPC) coding standard helps trading partners to group products in the same way, everywhere in the world. The coding schema was developed by industry, for industry.

The GPC code is a very important part of a product’s data set. It enables trading partners to find a product easily in the GS1 Cloud and/or GS1 National Product Catalogue for Healthcare.

GPC classifies products by grouping them into categories based on their essential properties as well as their relationships to other products. There are currently two primary GPC Bricks used in healthcare; Medical Devices and Pharmaceutical Drugs.

Download: The Global Product Classification (GPC) Browser Guide for Healthcare Products

Benefits of using GPC within the Healthcare industry:

  • Gives buyers and sellers a common language for talking about products – within countries and regions as well as across the world.
  • Improves data accuracy and integrity for use across a broad range of business areas including: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), eCommerce and Business Intelligence (BI) systems.
  • Speeds up the supply chain’s responsiveness to consumer needs by accurately identifying each product type.
  • Improves centralised procurement functions within healthcare, by providing a uniform classification code which can be used to automate the gathering and analysing of spend data to leverage volume for better pricing.
  • Simplifies reporting across product categories and reduces inventory through product standardisation.

Download: The Global Product Classification (GPC) Browser Guide for Healthcare Products