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Webinar Get started with traceability in a hospital/healthcare setting

The Basics

This webinar will provide an overview of the steps to getting started and guidance on what you can be doing now to implement traceability in the healthcare setting to make services safer for patients.  

Risks to patient safety occur when there is a mismatch between a patient and the care they receive. Errors can occur at time of diagnosis, treatment or on-going care.

Regulators are also requiring manufacturers to uniquely identify and label pharmaceuticals and medical devices which means there is an opportunity for hospitals to use the barcode to improve traceability and visibility of product throughout the hospital

Title:Getting started with traceability in your in hospital/healthcare setting- the basics
When:Recorded webinar available on demand (October 2019)

Siobhain Duggan, Director for Innovation and Healthcare, GS1 Ireland


This webinar will cover the following:

1. Why Traceability?
2. GS1 standards as an enabler in ehealth
3. Guidance for healthcare providers – getting started

And more… 

Who should attend:Anyone involved in healthcare who would like to learn more about the implementation of GS1 standards by hospitals and healthcare providers.
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