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Webinar: Meeting UDI requirements using GS1 standards

Webinar Overview

Global GS1 Standards meet the European Commission’s criteria for the issuance of UDIs and will support the EU regulators in ensuring a successful implementation of the UDI system as defined by the EU Medical Device and In-Vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices regulations. This enables manufacturers to comply with these requirements starting from May 2020. This webinar will give an overview of how to meet UDI requirements using GS1 standards.

If you have questions about UDI implementation please contact our Industry Engagement Team.

Learning Objectives

  • An introduction to UDI for US and Europe
  • Similarities and differences between FDA UDI Final Rule and UDI in the EU according to MDR and IVDR
  • An introduction to GUDID and Eudamed - managing product data
  • Meeting UDI requirements using GS1 Standards
    • DI & PI
    • Basic UDI-DI
    • UDI and GS1 Identify, Capture and Share
    • and more....

Who should attend?

Medical Device Manufacturers, Distributors and Healthcare Providers who wish to learn more about compliance with UDI Regulation.


  • Tim Daly, Industry Engagement Manager,GS1 Ireland
  • Amanda Creane, Healthcare Project Management Executive, GS1 Ireland

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