Basics of RFID

In association with our Solution Provider Partner, ASD, this webinar will explain the basics RFID Technology and its application in industries such as Healthcare and Aviation using GS1 Standards.


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Title:The Basics of RFID
When:August 13th at 10.30am 

Siobhain Duggan, Director for Innovation and Healthcare, GS1 Ireland

Dave Browne, Managing Director, ASD


This 15 minute update will cover the following topics;

  • Introduction: GS1 Standards and RFID
  • RFID: The what, where, when and why  
    • What is RFID?
    • Where is RFID used?
    • RFID in action
    • Types of RFID tags
    • Why use RFID?
    • What do you need to get started?
Who should attend:Anyone involved who would like to learn more about the Basics of RFID Technology and its implementation using GS1 Standards
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