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Register with GS1 Ireland for barcodes (GTINs) and EDI licences

Please complete the form below to register a User Account on the GS1 Ireland website. When your account has been verified via email you will be able to login to join GS1 Ireland; purchase licences for GS1 bar code numbers (get a GCP - global company prefix - to create barcode numbers (GTINs - Global Trade Item Numbers)); licences for Global Location Numbers (GLNs) for EDI and to pay for additional services including symbol credits, barcode verification reports, training courses and events.

Important Notice: Please check your junk or spam email folders if you do not receive your account verification email immediately. This is especially the case for any web based email services such as Gmail and Hotmail.

Please do not include spaces, symbols or punctuation marks such as commas or question marks as part of your password.