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Aug 10, 2020, by Maria Svejdar - Category: EDI

Get to know EDI, what it is and how it could benefit your organisation by exploring some of the resources below. If your business is already an EDI user you might consider adding an additional electronic message to your suite, such as the Despatch Advice or ASN, or look at how you could further automate order data exchange with suppliers and customers. If you are interested in learning more about any of the above, do get in touch.

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EDI process from beginners guide

What is EDI?

Are you new to EDI and looking to get an overview of the basics? We have two useful resources for you:

1. Our Beginner's Guide to EDI (pdf)

Beginners guide to EDI

A Beginner's Guide to EDI: A non-technical overview for those new to EDI. 

2. What is EDI? Webinar Video

A recorded training webinar "What is EDI?" kindly provided by our Gold Partner, TrueCommerce, and presented by their Manager in Ireland, Keith Gallagher. This pre-recorded webinar from TrueCommerce is ideal if you have recently been asked to trade via EDI and you are unsure what is expected of you. The 30-minute presentation provides a simple guide into why organisations use EDI to exchange business documents, how electronic trading works and the reasons why EDI delivers benefits to businesses of every size.


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TrueCommerce is a Gold Partner in the GS1 Ireland Solution Provider Programme. For further information on TrueCommerce’s solutions, including their EDI Managed Service click here.

Online EDI Training

If you are ready to take the next step with EDI you might be interested in one of our online training courses. Check out the GS1 Ireland Learning Zone where an Introduction to EDI Module is part of the Data Sharing course. If you have a lot of questions or need 1-2-1 help why not book an online consultancy session with one of our technical experts? 

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What is a GLN?

The GLN or Global Location Number supports the identification of physical, legal or functional entities. GLNs are a fixed length 13-digit numbers composed of a GS1 Company Prefix, a Location Reference and a Check Digit. GLNs are used to identify physical locations, legal entities and functional locations.

What is a GLN for EDI?

In EDI terms, a GS1 Global Location Number is a globally unique number used to identify your company, as a legal entity, for the purpose of sending and receiving electronic business messages such as orders and invoices. The GLN is encoded in the "header" part of each EDI message to identify the sender or receiver. To ensure messages are delivered to the right recipient it is vital that these numbers are globally unique.

Explore GS1 Location Identifiers

Video: The Order to Cash Cycle Explained


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