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8 questions to ask yourself about your existing EDI solution

Jul 13, 2022, by Maria Svejdar - Category: EDI

Realise the benefits of EDI with the right solution

Despite the considerable benefits and business opportunities provided by EDI, some companies still view it as an unavoidable overhead. Common frustrations range from poor customer service and the pressure placed on internal IT resources, to the inability to accurately budget due to variable and unpredictable costs. Does this sound familiar?

How does your current EDI solution stack up?

We've posed a number of questions that are worth considering when thinking about your current EDI set up - and if you answer "No" to any of them, perhaps it is time to review your EDI:          

  • Do you know the actual annual or monthly cost of your EDI solution(s)?
  • Is your current solution dynamic enough to add new trading partners quickly and easily?
  • Does your current EDI provider proactively monitor and resolve message validation errors?
  • Does your EDI provider manage all testing, maintenance and support on your behalf?
  • Do you have access to 24/7 support?
  • Does your current EDI solution adhere to your disaster recovery processes?
  • Does EDI help you meet your customers’ KPIs?
  • Do you feel your organisation is large enough to be noticed by your EDI provider?

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