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Trade electronically with Irish Retailers quickly and easily

Jun 24, 2021, by Claie Gibbons, TrueCommerce - Category: Electronic Data Interchange

How using EDI can enable you to start trading quickly and easily with major Irish and UK retailers.

Using an EDI system is now the standard way in which most larger organisations trade with their supply chain – and, as a result, suppliers of goods and services are at a real competitive advantage if they have an EDI system to trade electronically with their customers.

An Electronic Data Interchange system – or EDI system – enables the secure, automated exchange of electronic documents, such as purchase orders, invoices and delivery notes, between businesses or trading partners, using a standardised format that allows different computer systems to communicate with each other.

The TrueCommerce EDI solution

The TrueCommerce EDI solution enables suppliers to send and receive electronic documents and meet your customers’ EDI requirements quickly, easily and cost effectively, whether you choose EDI integration with your ERP system to fully automate message exchange, or simply use the TrueCommerce entry level web EDI solution for quick and easy EDI compliance. Delivered as a fully managed service, TrueCommerce’s EDI solutions enable you to capitalise on the benefits of EDI, regardless of your size or technical capabilities, with no distraction to your core business.

Select the retailer you are looking to trade with from our global trading partner network

Our global trading network includes over 120,000 pre-configured trading partner maps, including retailers such as Musgrave, Dunnes, BWG (Spar), Aldi, Lidl, Gala, Tesco, Barrys of Mallow, M&S, Woodies, Grafton Group, Hardware Association Ireland, Topline, Hendersons, Savage and Whitten, Penneys, B&Q, Travis Perkins and Boots.

With all the EDI messages your customers have requested included, our trading partner catalogue makes it easy for you to achieve and maintain EDI compliance.

TrueCommerce Retail Cusomers Ireland

“TrueCommerce was the best fit for our requirements as its cloud-based solution offered our business the flexibility and security to grow, with the most comprehensive suite of facilities, together with the extra level of pro-active support, compared to other providers.” Dermot Merrick, IT Manager at Coolmore Fresh Foods

If you’re looking to, or are currently trading with an Irish retailer, our on-demand webinar will help you understand how to build better relationships with your key customers whilst implementing an efficient electronic trading solution. The webinar covers:

  • What EDI is
  • Trading via EDI with the big 4 Irish Retailers
  • EDI standards and the difference between the main standards
  • How an EDI Managed Service can improve internal efficiencies
  • The importance of GLN’s and barcodes in partnership with GS1 Ireland

If you’ve received a new EDI requirement from one of your customers or you are having problems adding new trading partners with your current provider, why not contact us to discuss how we can speed up and simplify the process.

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