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OpenPEPPOL and GS1 sign MoU to further enable electronic business

Mar 29, 2019, by  - Category:

We are happy to announce that OpenPEPPOL and GS1, two leading companies enabling electronic business around the world, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to generate further benefits to their users.

The two organisations will establish a deeper working relationship to share technical expertise and undertake joint activities where their respective services and solutions overlap.

GS1 and PEPPOL EDI standards

In a growing number of countries, public authorities are relying on PEPPOL's infrastructure as their mandatory electronic invoicing system. This concerns companies from all sectors, including GS1 users. Furthermore, PEPPOL's platform is used for business to business Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). This is the case for some major retailers in Norway. The trend is likely to spread to other countries and regions.

Miguel Lopera, President and CEO of GS1 said: “The recently approved GS1 Electronic Data Interchange (“EDI”) strategy sets the grounds for adopting seamlessly new technologies such as Universal Business Language (“UBL”). The Memorandum of Understanding will enable to explore and discuss in good faith the use of GS1 identification keys and GS1 EDI standards in PEPPOL as well as the use of PEPPOL services by GS1 member companies. We are looking forward to a closer collaboration with OpenPEPPOL for the benefit of the GS1 global user community”.