Best of Irish Pancake Recipe

Mar 1, 2019, by Fionnuala Malone - Category: Best of Irish

How to Make the Best of Irish Pancakes!

Best of Irish Pancake Tuesday 2019

Pancake Tuesday is just around the corner. Why not make these Best of Irish pancakes with great quality Irish ingredients from local producers!


  1. Whole Irish Milk from Clóna Dairy, Co. Cork

Photo credit: Clóna Dairy.

  1. Fresh Free Range Eggs from the Happy Hens at Magner's Farm, Co. Tipperary

Photo credit: Magner's Farm.

  1. Plain Organic Flour from Dunany Flour, Co. Louth

Photo credit: Dunany Flour.

  1. Milk Chocolate Drops from Skelligs Chocolate Factory, Co. Kerry

Photo credit: Skelligs Chocolate Factory.

  1. Back Forest Fruits and Chocolate Jam from Joan and Bob's Juicy Jams, Co. Kilkenny

Photo credit: Joan and Bob's Juicy Jams.

  1. Strawberry Syrup from Wild About, Co. Wexford

Photo credit: Wild About.


  • 125g Plain Organic Flour from Dunany Flour

  • 2 Fresh Free Range Eggs from the Happy Hens at Magner's Farm, Co. Tipperary

  • 300ml Whole Irish Milk from Clóna Dairy, Co. Cork

  • Butter for frying

  • Pinch of Salt


  • Sieve the flour and salt into a large bowl.
  • Make a well in the centre of the flour, break in the eggs and add 100ml of the milk.
  • Beat well either by hand or with an electric mixer, gradually pouring in the rest of the milk and drawing in the flour to make a smooth batter.
  • Leave the batter to stand for about half an hour.
  • Heat some butter in a pan. When the pan is hot, give the batter a stir before pouring a thin layer onto the pan.
  • Fry until golden brown and bubbles appear. Turn and fry the other side until brown also.
  • Choose your topping! Skelligs chocolate drops, Wild About Strawberry Syrup, jam from Juicy Jams or keep it simple with lemon and sugar.
  • Enjoy!
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