Still sending paper invoices in 2018?

Feb 16, 2018, by Alex Story, TrueCommerce - Category: Technology

Did you know that you could cut your costs and streamline your efficiencies just by switching from paper to electronic trading?

There are many large organisations that still trade with their customers in a variety of different methods, and don’t utilise the efficiencies of technology when it comes to trading with their network. This could be due to a number of reasons. However, instances where customers are not set up for EDI no longer needs to be a reason. 

“Implementing a customer order entry portal, provides a scalable solution to all your non-EDI customers, encouraging them to trade electronically.”

Eliminate paper trading and manage all your orders in one place, streamlining the order-to-cash cycle with all of your customers, no matter how large or small the organisation is.

Manage all your orders in one place

By introducing a mandate whereby all your customers place their orders in one central portal, makes order and invoice processing a lot more manageable, improves internal efficiencies and decreases time spent on managing multiple order methods. It also reduces the risk of miscommunication or misplacement of orders, and cuts down on printing and postage costs.

Improve customer service

Once your customers are set up on the platform, they will be able to upload their purchase orders onto your order portal without the need for any additional technical requirements, capabilities or resources, providing them with a unique, robust solution for managing their orders directly with you. Not only that, it also improves order processing times and accuracy, which in turn improves customer service and provides greater flexibility to build better relationships with your customers.

Speed up the order-to-cash cycle

When sending paper invoices, the time it takes for invoices to be generated by accounts, printed off and posted can become unnecessarily protracted. By utilising the order portal, this process can be sped up by eliminating the need for manual processing, and can be sent from your accounts team, direct to your customer's inbox at just the click of a button, meaning it takes you less time to be paid.

Customer Order Entry Portal from TrueCommerce

The market leading solution from TrueCommerce enables your business to receive orders directly into your ERP system without your customer needing to be EDI enabled. By utilising sound infrastructure and expertise, TrueCommerce’s cloud-based customer order entry portal solution is flexible and intuitive, allowing customer specific pricing and options to define individual qualifications, meaning your customer agreements do not need to change. For further information on leveraging the efficiencies of technology for trading with your customers please visit our partner's website 

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