How to streamline your EDI setup

Aug 13, 2018, by Alex Storey, TrueCommerce - Category: Technology

You may have just started trading via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) or you may have been using electronic trading for a while, but how many different methods do you currently utilise to exchange your orders, invoices and other documents?

EDI is the most efficient way organisations can electronically exchange trading documents with their partners. There are common communications protocols to follow, but many organisations can get caught up in trading with each trading partner in their own preferred way, especially if this request is driven from a specific retailer.

If you’re new to EDI, check out our “What is EDI?” guide or read our What is EDI? blog post to learn more about the basics of EDI.

EDI and trading with multiple suppliers

If you’re trading with multiple partners, it may seem like each trading partner has different requirements and that you should sign up with their preferred EDI provider, but this is not the most cost-effective, nor efficient way of doing things.

The benefits of EDI include increased efficiency, a higher level of accuracy, a reduction in errors and the ability to streamline order management processes. These benefits are lost when using multiple EDI solutions; the time spent training staff on each system, updating and using each solution and handling many different billing cycles are a drain on both resources and budget.

Improve internal efficiencies and reduce costs to your business

Opting to consolidate and streamline your EDI allows you to integrate your EDI directly into your ERP, freeing up time and budget for more business critical tasks.

When only using one system, one process solution, there is only one billing cycle and you start to reap the many benefits that EDI offers. Each integrated EDI solution is bespoke to your organisation, allowing you to connect to all of your trading partners and your accounting software using just one service provider, improving internal efficiencies and reducing the costs to your business.

How to consolidate your EDI suppliers

Consolidating your EDI suppliers is simple if you choose the right EDI provider (we have a whole other blog post on this which you can read here). TrueCommerce manage the whole switching process for you on your behalf and there is no disruption to live invoicing whilst switching.

At TrueCommerce, we have refined our process, removing all the potential risks of switching EDI providers with all tests carried out in parallel with your live solution(s). We replicate your trading partners’ current message types, message formats and connectivity to ensure a smooth transition for all. To find out more, watch our On-Demand Webinar hereor call us on 01 511 1263.

The TrueCommerce Managed Service

The TrueCommerce Managed Service Solution delivers a game changing opportunity and benefits for organisations of any size. By outsourcing to the fully managed service, businesses are free from the burdens and risks associated with capital investment, technical issues, maintenance costs and the need to keep abreast of advancing technology. The combination of a scalable cloud solution supported by a market leading managed service has made TrueCommerce a popular choice in many sectors including retail, manufacturing and building. To find out more about TrueCommerce please visit their Partner Profile Page.

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