Assessing retail & supply chain challenges of selling in digital age

Jul 10, 2018, by Maria Svejdar - Category: Retail Apparel

Apparel Retail Technology Survey 2017

lady shopping onlineWe have commenced a study into the current and future use of retail technology in the clothing and fashion sector in Ireland. We are particularly interested to hear the views of retailers, distributors, manufacturers and designers. If you are a consultant or solution provider in this space, please share this survey with any clients you have in this sector.

We would greatly appreciate if you had a few minutes to contribute your views. All responses will be treated with the strictest confidentiality and the results will be presented in an aggregated format only.

How are we delivering "omni-channel" in Ireland?

"Omni-channel" is a term much used these days to describe the new and evolving way of buying and selling across many channels. It aims to describe the blurring of the lines between buying (from the consumers viewpoint) and selling (from the retailers viewpoint) through traditional bricks and mortar stores, online sales for home delivery and hybrid options such as click & collect.

Many international retailers are pioneering in their implementation of ecommerce platforms, reconfiguring stores and distribution centres to handle online orders & returns and implementing new inventory management solutions such as RFID tagging to provide the depth and accuracy of stock visibility needed to serve the omni-channel consumer.

But how are we faring in Ireland? Which retailers are blazing a trail? What challenges are others facing in order to follow suit? Are Irish designers and manufacturers facing new requests from international retailers in how goods need to be identified, labelled or catalogued?

We have compiled a short survey to assess the current position of the Irish fashion industry when it comes to the challenges and investment required to sell online and adapt the structure of their current supply chain.

If you have any questions about this survey please contact Maria Svejdar, Marketing Manager, GS1 Ireland.

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