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Should you outsource EDI or run it in-house?

Mar 24, 2020, by Maria Svejdar - Category: Retail Grocery CPG EDI

Outsourced vs. On-premise EDI

EDI is a crucial part of everyday business for many companies. They rely on it to exchange orders, invoices and other transactional messages with customers and suppliers. Using EDI eliminates many time consuming and error prone manual processes and paper-based documentation. 

However, many of the benefits of using EDI such as efficiency, cost reduction and visibility of all transactions, can seem like an unachievable goal for companies managing their EDI internally. It is often viewed as an expensive but unavoidable overhead that ties up hours of internal IT expertise. However, with the right solution and set up, EDI can deliver considerable business benefits that far outweigh the service costs.

TrueCommerce Out Sourced EDI

Why companies out-source the provision of EDI services

In a recent webinar we co-hosted with TrueCommerce, we looked at the main reasons why many companies are today outsourcing their EDI instead of managing it in-house.

During the session we reviewed the different out-sourcing options available on the market; from a basic hosted solution through to a fully-managed service, where all the day-to-day running of EDI is looked after on your behalf. We looked in depth at the benefits of opting for a fully managed service over managing and running your EDI solution yourself. [Replay approx. 25 minutes.] 

View the Outsourced vs On-premise (in-house) EDI webinar

An out-sourced vs on-premise EDI solution - which is right for your business?

If you are reviewing your company's approach to EDI this video recording may be of interest in helping you decide if, or when, an out-sourced solution is right for your business. 

Explore this topic further with these two info-sheets from TrueCommerce:

Managed Service Datasheet: Transform EDI from an overhead to an opportunity

Outsourced vs. On-premise EDI Datasheet: Is outsourced EDI a viable alternative?

Updated 24 March 2020

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