Cisco Ireland and GS1 set to drive adoption of industry standards

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Digitising the manufacturing process

Dublin, 9 November, 2016

CiscoCisco Ireland has signed a partnership with the standards organisation, GS1 Ireland. Together the two organisations intend to help digitise manufacturing for users of the GS1 system of standards globally, across more than 20 different industry sectors. The partnership will future-proof many of the new processes and requirements of modern digital manufacturing for supply and demand chains.

The collaboration will allow businesses across multiple sectors to make both commercial and operational gains. These will be achieved by improving and automating business processes including supply chain integration. These changes can have a major impact on the speed and cost of manufacturing, making a better process for both the manufacturer and the consumer. For instance, the transport and storage of large numbers of products is a huge challenge.

The better use of barcodes for asset management projects and the use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology for wireless solutions will make a significant improvement to these processes. The improved technologies will be used in smart manufacturing to enable real-time visibility, which will drive production efficiencies throughout the manufacturing process.

One of the most important areas the partnership will explore is the delivery of solutions for companies that have complex traceability and supply chain visibility requirements. The GS1 and ISO standard, Electronic Product Code Information Services (EPCIS), can be used by the partnership to create interoperable and scalable information solutions. These are of great value for businesses seeking to comply with strict regulatory requirements, such as those in the pharmaceutical industry. EPCIS is also used by organisations that want to create platforms that use traceability and visibility information to support processes that require the physical and digital worlds to interact. This enables collaboration and cooperation between trading partners and will facilitate more efficient business processes that reduce human error and cut costs.

GS1 is working with Cisco Ireland to assess opportunities for collaboration in areas such as cloud-based EPCIS services that support the implementation of inventory and asset management projects. The ability to capture, identify and share product information in a secure environment is critical to the further digitisation of the manufacturing process across multiple industry sectors. As more of these processes move into the cloud, the Cisco-GS1 Ireland partnership will strengthen and deepen. Furthermore, legislation, globally, on the traceability of manufactured products is tightening, requiring companies to be more accountable, which will drive even greater demand for such services.

Speaking about the partnership, Adam Grennan, Country Manager, Cisco Ireland said, “Working with an organisation like GS1 is a great step forward in Cisco’s plan to substantially impact the digitised manufacturing process. This partnership has the potential to drive real efficiencies for producers, customers and eventual consumers. By adopting smarter processes, the industry can realise significant commercial gains as well as reducing the impact on the environment, which is a genuine win-win.”

Mike Byrne, CEO GS1 Ireland commented, “The Internet of Things is creating new opportunities for manufacturers and brand-owners to transform the way they work and engage with their customers. GS1 Ireland welcomes Cisco to its Solution Partner Programme and looks forward to working with Cisco to develop new innovative smart manufacturing solutions for asset management and real-time visibility using GS1 barcodes”.

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