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GS1 products and services

Business is easier when you speak the same language as your customers, suppliers and partners.

For over 30 years GS1 Ireland has managed the allocation of licences for globally unique identification numbers to local organisations wishing to implement GS1 Standards. GS1 Ireland is one of 114 GS1 membership organisations that operate in over 150 countries worldwide serving almost 2 million member companies.

GS1 develops standards which enable the unique identification of products and locations though barcodes, radio frequency Identification (RFID), ecommerce and master data management. 

Today, GS1 Standards have become the global language of business and are used in supply chain processes by some 2 million organisations across 20+ different industry sectors worldwide.

The value of GS1 standards

The principal role of GS1 Ireland is to administer the licencing of GS1 Numbers (e.g. barcodes and other identifiers) to our users in Ireland and globally. These numbers are used by organisations to power myriads of systems that enable businesses to operate more efficiently, safely and sustainably.

GS1 support services

To support and grow the adoption of supply chain standards in Ireland we also offer a range of services to both members and the general business community. These include professional and advisory services, implementation advice, user groups, helpdesk, training and events.

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