Annual Report 2013

40 years as the Global Language of Business

GS1 Ireland Annual Report 2013 250pxIn April 1973, industry leaders selected the GS1 bar code as the single standard for product identification. Forty years later, over five billion GS1 bar codes are scanned every single day, on every continent, around the world. By working together, these visionary leaders of the organisation now known as GS1 shaped the landscape of the global market.

Today GS1's standards, services and solutions have become the foundation of business processes for more than one million user companies, increasing supply chain visibility and connecting organisations across geographical and cultural boundaries.

Quite simply, the GS1 bar code transformed the world by creating a global language of business.

GS1 Ireland Report and Statements for 2013 with an update on the implementation of GS1 Standards in Retail & CPG with a focus on our evolving role in the world of digital data together with a review of the great strides made in the implementation of GS1 Standards in the world of Healthcare.