Alan Gormley

Head of Industry Engagement and Solutions 

Alan Gormley Industry Engagement and Solutions Manager GS1 IrelandAlan Gormley joined GS1 Ireland in January 2010 and works as one of GS1’s technical experts in relation to all Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC), data sharing (EDI, master data and data synchronisation) as well as solutions incorporating EPCIS.

Alan works as a liaison between industry and GS1 and supports initiatives to bring GS1 standards-based solutions to market, in line with Member needs. Collaborating with solution providers nationally and globally, Alan works in numerous industries such as healthcare, aerospace and retail to help implement GS1 Standards for traceability, patient safety and efficiency driven solutions. Alan's specialities include barcode quality, verification and process improvement. Alan participates in numerous global working groups to develop supply chain standards for multi-industry use.

Alan holds diplomas in both process and polymer engineering, in addition to a Bachelor’s Degree from University College, Galway (NUIG) and a Masters Degree from Trinity College, Dublin.

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Mobile: +353 87 9705222


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