Barcode Manager Upgrade this weekend

Barcode Manager – your online tool for easy barcode management – was recently updated to add some new enhancements and features.

The new, enhanced version of Barcode Manager includes:

  • An improved user interface
  • Additional product information fields to provide richer information for customers
  • An easy-to-use upload and download template
  • The ability to publish product details to the new GS1 Cloud  


GS1 Cloud will be the largest source of trusted product information in the world. Today there are already tens of millions of barcodes (GTINs) and their product details in the GS1 Cloud and we are excited that Irish producers and brand owners will now have the opportunity to make their product information available globally.

In the coming weeks we will provide you with further information about the new opportunities available with GS1 Cloud. Please visit our website for further details in the interim.

If you have any questions regarding Barcode Manager please do not hesitate to call our Helpdesk on 01 208 0660 or email