GS1 Becomes a Member of W3C

The World Wide Web celebrates its 25th anniversary today (12th March 2014), in the same year that GS1 is celebrating its 40th.  And while the Internet was coming to life back in March of 1989, we at GS1 were taking our first steps into eBusiness with new Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) standards to help businesses better communicate with each other.

It also seems appropriate to celebrate today, because GS1 has now become a member of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).  We will work with the W3C community to collaborate on standards that shape the future of identification and description of products and “things” on the Web.

Steve Bratt, GS1’s CTO and the former CEO of W3C, says “I believe that our organisations can work together in the coming years to bridge two important communities. This will result in increased impact of both GS1 and W3C in the realm of designing and implementing standards to further enable global commerce, logistics and healthcare for the benefit of industry and consumers.”

We wish the World Wide Web a happy 25th anniversary, and plan to keep you updated on our work with W3C.  This includes an announcement that we will be sharing with you shortly, so you can spread the news in your local communities.

To learn more about the new work that GS1 is doing to leverage the power of GS1 standards across the Web, please visit