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Recording: Webinar on EDI Invoice Message for Deposit Return Scheme


EDI Invoice Messsage for Deposit Return Scheme

Recording now available. Speakers: Sean Dennison - Head of Industry Engagement and Technical Standards GS1 Ireland and Stefan Gathmann - Senior Technical Support GS1 Ireland



22/11/2023 15:00 -15:30

Ireland’s Deposit Return Scheme is coming.

From 1st February 2024 all in scope beverage products placed on the market will need to have a deposit paid.

This places new requirements on how products are barcoded and invoiced across the supply chain.

For businesses that exchange invoice messages electronically through EDI this means a change to the standard for the EDI invoice message.

To learn more about the EDI updates required to handle the exchange of data about deposits for in scope beverage products a short webinar was recorded on Wednesday 22nd November.

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