Level 2 Advanced Barcode Training - In-person - 20 April 2023

Training Course

In person - classroom attendance. Level 2 Advanced Barcode Training - hybrid classroom course (morning)

Presented by Alec Tubridy, Industry Engagement Executive, GS1 Ireland. Topics covered: Allocation of barcodes, barcoding for logistical units, Serial Shipping Container Codes (SSCCs), Supply Chain Efficiencies, Barcode Quality, Barcode Manager Software, Logistics Label Tool.

€125 (ex. VAT)


20/04/2023 10:00 -12:30

Tel: 01 208 0660 or email alec.tubridy@gs1ie.org

GS1 Ireland's supply chain barcoding training course gives you confidence in using barcodes in your business. This is a hybrid course delivered online and in GS1 Ireland's offices.

Click here to find out more about the content of Level 2 Advanced Barcoding training course.

Important Notice - GS1 Cancellation and Booking policy: All places must be paid for in advance of the course. Refunds are not available but places are transferable upon prior notice. GS1 Ireland reserves the right to cancel or change the dates and venues of training where required. If changes result in the need for members to cancel their attendance, full refunds will be available.


fTRACE is a GS1 standards-based traceability platform enabling events based traceability recording and multi-party, rights enabled access.

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