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TrueCommerce LogoTrueCommerce is a long standing Solution Partner of GS1 Ireland and has been providing EDI (electronic data interchange) solutions for the Irish market for many years under the name Atlas Products International.

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A managed EDI service and e-invoice solution

GS1 Ireland Gold Partner LogoTrueCommerce Europe delivers the next generation of EDI and e-invoicing managed service to companies large and small looking to improve efficiency and reduce cost. TrueCommerce Europe is part of the global TrueCommerce and HighJump business serving 15,000 customers with almost 800 staff deployed. TrueCommerce’s managed service delivers benefits for businesses at every stage of development. Whether a small company that has been asked to trade electronically; a mid-market organisation that is looking to move providers; or a larger organisation that wants to trade electronically with all suppliers; the fully scalable TrueCommerce service has been developed with each in mind.

What is EDI?

Beginners guide to EDI cover with logosEDI stands for “Electronic Data Interchange”, which is the exchange of electronic documents between two businesses, e.g. a customer and a supplier exchanging orders and invoices. These documents are exchanged using a standardised format so different computer systems can communicate with each other, efficiently and effectively.

“EDI is a direct machine-to-machine communication which enables the automated exchange of documents, avoiding the need for manual processing which is both time consuming and error prone.”

EDI replaces the manual paper based processes, enabling a fast, accurate, reliable and automated exchange of business documents, whilst eliminating the risk of human-error and reducing the time it takes to process these documents.

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EDI Webinar Video Recordings

We have held a number of educational webinars with TrueCommerce which have been recorded and are now available for you to watch on demand. Simply register your email address and you will be re-directed to the video page.

1:"What is EDI?" Webinar Video

2:Out-sourced vs an on-premise EDI solution - which is right for you?

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Video Animation: The benefits of an outsourced EDI solution.

EDI for small, emerging businesses (SMEs) and suppliers

Entry level EDI enables a supplier to send and receive electronic documents quickly, easily and cost effectively

TrueCommerce’s entry level service transforms EDI from a potentially expensive but unavoidable overhead into an opportunity to win more business. The fully managed service enables SMEs to send and receive electronic documents in one easy-to-use, cost-effective package, providing everything necessary to meet customers’ requirements, whilst cutting costs and improving cash flow. Read more about EDI and electronic invoicing for small businesses/SMEs.

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EDI solution for mid-market businesses

Mid-market EDI is ideal for all mid-market businesses, irrespective of the level of technical expertise

Although many mid-market organisations have successfully traded electronically for a number of years, their EDI solutions are often unable to meet the challenges of new trading requirements and can be a huge drain on resources. With a powerful combination of easy-to-use but feature rich functionality and unrivalled customer support, TrueCommerce’s mid-market service enables organisations to respond to new requirements quickly and easily. Read more about EDI data exchange solutions for retailers and suppliers.

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EDI and data exchange services for enterprise businesses

Enterprise level EDI combines complete translation, integration and accessibility with advanced reporting and configuration

Trading electronically with suppliers can be a complex task, involving multiple communication methods, formats and protocols. Consequently, many organisations only trade with key suppliers via EDI and fail to take full advantage of the benefits available. TrueCommerce makes it easy for suppliers to trade electronically, regardless of their technical capabilities empowering businesses to make clear and accurate decisions through complete supply chain visibility. Read more about enterprise level EDI and portal solutions.

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TrueCommerce and Sage Accounts Integration

TrueCommerce offers a unique combination of fully managed EDI services with end-to-end integration with Sage 50 Accounts and Sage 200.

The new Sage EDI integration solution enables companies to eliminate manual entry, streamline the order to cash process and gain seamless access to their trading partner community. 

The benefits of the TrueCommerce EDI integration for Sage solution include:

  • seamless access to the TrueCommerce global trading partner community, including support for XML and global EDI data standards through a single connection to Sage 50 Accounts and Sage 200;
  • complete end-to-end solution offering key system elements (integration, data translation, global trading partner network and managed services) in one package, from one provider;
  • built-in process controls ensuring accuracy of data and truly automated EDI processing;
  • delivery as a service, with all set up, configuration, and on-going support carried out by TrueCommerce;
  • 24×7 service desk, with a team of experts that monitor the delivery and processing of messages and manage any issues.
  • the TrueCommerce-managed service-based approach, which shifts ownership of customer connectivity and mapping, subsequently reducing reliance on internal IT resources;
  • the fully-managed integrated EDI service is compatible with all leading back office systems, including SAP, Oracle, IFS, Infor, Epicor and Prophet.

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Drop Shipping Solution

The TrueCommerce EDI Managed Service empowers you with the tools and visibility to drive a successful Drop-Ship Model.

TrueCommerce Drop Ship InfographicMany retailers are looking to extend the range of products that they offer without the risks and expense of increasing the value of the stock they hold, the associated storage and handling costs, and the risk of obsolescence. The drop ship model, where suppliers pick and deliver stock directly to the consumer enables you to increase your product range without needing to keep all goods in stock.

TrueCommerce provides retailers and their suppliers with the tools and visibility required to roll out a drop shipping model whilst fulfilling their customers’ expectations with an ordering and delivery process that matches the efficiency of deliveries from their own warehouse. The solution enables retailers to exchange orders, invoices, and fulfilment information with suppliers. Most importantly, they benefit from complete visibility by utilising a single platform for all supply chains – drop ship, deliver to store and deliver to depot. 

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TrueCommerce EDI with Microsoft Dynamics Integration

The TrueCommerce EDI for AX solution combines an embedded EDI module and with the look and feel of native AX, your team will find it easy to implement and will experience a faster learning curve.

Download the Microsoft Dynamics AX information sheet

With seamless integration TrueCommerce’s EDI for NAV solution enables the exchange of messages to be fully automated, removing the need for error-prone manual processes; whilst delivering complete end-to-end visibility. The TrueCommerce EDI for NAV solution combines an embedded EDI module that is built exclusively for NAV.

Download the Microsoft Dynamics NAV information sheet

The TrueCommerce fully managed integrated EDI service is compatible with all leading back office systems, including SAP, Oracle, IFS, Infor, Epicor and Prophet.

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