The EU Delegated Act has Landed

Feb 3, 2015, by  - Category: Serialisation expert Christoph Krähenbühl examines the latest update on the 'Safety Features' Delegated Act and gives his view on how some of the proposed provisions could have a significant impact on pharmaceutical manufacturers

Traceability of medicines and the falsified medicines directive (FMD) is your organisation ready?

Oct 16, 2014, by  - Category: Product serialisation, compliance with EU, FDA and other international drug pedigree requirements and establishing anti-counterfeiting solutions are key priorities for the pharmaceutical industry. The deadline for compliance with the European Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) is 2017 for those countries that don’t have a pre-existing authentication system. All manufacturers will be expected to print a 2D datamatrix with serialisation data on medicine packs and these packs then need to be verified at the point of dis...