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IFS is a GS1 Ireland Platinum Partner.

IFS is an award winning company that has developed a structured methodology for managing building information for the entire building & asset lifecycle - from planning and design stage, through handover and close-out, to operations and maintenance.

Platinum Partner

Digital Building Information Management Solutions

IFS provide Building Information Management software & services to coordinate and deliver information associated with a project to the design & construction teams and to the building owner and Facilities Management (FM) team. 

IFS software enables everyone to store, share and update all building and project information on a secure platform which is accessible online from any location and on multiple devices. Central to IFS' on-going service delivery and support is the set-up, coordination and management of our clients' building and project information, delivering standards-based solutions to meet those challenges and drive efficiencies in their organisations.

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IFS is 20 years in business and has built up significant experience assisting blue-chip customers across mission critical sectors in international markets, including Ireland, UK, Germany, Netherlands, US and Bahrain. Sectors served include but are not limited to, Transport, Financial Services, Pharmaceuticals, Education, Sports Stadia, Health, Data Centres, Commercial and Residential.

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Awards and Accreditations

IFS have achieved independent recognition through Regional and National Enterprise Awards, the most recent including IWFM Facilities Management Award for Innovation in Products and Services and Public Sector Award for Services to Business Management. IFS is approved supplier under the Financial Services Supplier Qualification System (FSQS) and holds Acclaim Certificate of Health & Safety Accreditation (SSIP).

Solutions from IFS

Project Collaboration: IFS Projects Live™
The IFS Projects Live collaboration application enables all project teams to share information (planning documents, drawings, safety files…), and communicate in real-time. It connects your office, site and field-based teams with the latest design and construction information and allows for real-time communication throughout the project lifecycle. 


Handover Coordination and Close-out: IFS Digital Project Manual™ - DPM PRO

The IFS digital handover application provides a transparent approach to the coordination, review and approval of project handover information and ensures a smooth transition to the Owner/Operators Facilities Management team. Post-handover the application is a critical resource for Operations and Maintenance throughout the building lifecycle.

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BIM 4 Lifecycle
The adoption of Building Information Modelling (BIM) during the design and construction process and its extended value to the building owner into facilities management and operations is gaining momentum across the industry. IFS have developed an integration platform to support BIM model formats within its Common Data Environment for Design & Construction Collaboration and Digital Handover for Facilities Management.

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