Annual Report 2012

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GS1 Ireland Report and Statements for 2012 with an update on the implementation of GS1 Standards in the Retail, CPG and Healthcare Sectors in Ireland.

GS1 Ireland Annual Report 2012"In 2013, GS1 will celebrate the 40th anniversary of the invention of the GS1 barcode -- the moment in time when the grocery industry came together to find one way of doing business. In Ireland, and the other 110 countries where organisations have adopted our standards, GS1 has successfully established a common language among suppliers and retailers across the now 20 sectors in which we provide our standards - including Retail, Healthcare, Transport and Logistics, Automotive, Financial Services and Defence." Tony Minogue, Chairman GS1 Ireland.

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"2012 was a year of significant business transformation for GS1 Ireland, culminating with launch of its new, dynamic and exciting Strategic Plan for the years 2013 to 2015," Mike Byrne, CEO GS1 Ireland.

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