Webinar: What is EDI? From TrueCommerce


What is EDI? How does it work and how can it benefit me?

EDI can have a significant impact on how you trade with your customers and can completely transform internal operations. Join this free session to discover how EDI can help your business grow. Registration for this event is directly with TrueCommerce.



01/12/2020 10:00 -10:30

Register at http://go.truecommerce.com/iPHV0tC4fyu00O000FE1B04

What are the benefits of EDI?

Have you recently been asked to trade via EDI by a new or existing customer and are unsure what is expected of you?

Recorded by TrueCommerce this training webinar is for anyone who wants to learn how electronic trading works. During the session they cover the basics of EDI, including:

  • What is EDI and how does it work?
  • Who is EDI for?
  • How can I benefit from EDI?

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